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Linguistic tool for studying sounds

Praat is a cost-free desktop program dedicated to those studying linguistics. In particular, it is an audio package that is capable to analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech. Simply through your computer, you have all the power to do phonetics. It provides a wide range of standard and non-standard procedures, including spectrographic analysis, articulatory synthesis, and neural networks.

Created by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the Institute of Phonetics Sciences of the University of Amsterdam, Praat allows you to make high-quality pictures for your publications. For other speech evaluation suites, try Adobe Audition and Zinf.

What is Praat used for?

Praat can read sounds recorded with the program or audio files recorded in another way. Once the application is launched, it will greet and generate a graph of waves that indicate intonation, intensity, volume, and other complex details. Proving its handy purpose for deeply learning linguistics, it is able to isolate certain sound bites or filter frequencies either manually or using scripts.

You will have access to spectrograms—a visual representation of the sound changes over time—as well as cochleagrams—a type of spectrogram resembling how the inner ear receives sound. It permits you to produce speech from a pitch curve and filters or from various muscle activities. Furthermore, it grants you the ability to alter existing speech utterances wherein you can customize the pitch, intensity, and duration of the speech.

Here, you have the capacity to custom-label your sample using the IPA. Not only that, you can even annotate your sound segments based on the specific variable you are aiming to examine. It also supports multi-language text-to-speech features that empower you to section the sound into words and phonemes. It's difficult to get to grips with, though. An extensive manual is available but it's aimed mainly at linguistic experts.

Astounding speech analyzer

Praat is a robust audio analysis tool that will give linguists a high degree of control over spectrographs. It is packed with state-of-the-art features and tools that can vest your capability to access, analyze, and produce excellent quality visuals as an integral part of the acoustic evaluation of speech and voice samples. Beginners will find this challenging to use, the tutorial guide will be helpful but navigation is still tricky.

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  • Imports a wide range of audio formats
  • Analyzes sound in detail
  • Analysis via scripts
  • Advanced speech analysis features and tools


  • Complex for non-linguists
  • Challenging to operate and navigate

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Praat for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 6.2.23
  • 4
  • (208)
  • Security Status

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